Here are some comments from happy customers. If you'd like to share some kind words about your experiences at our office, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you!

"Dr. Swelstad did an AMAZING job on my teeth! I am so happy with everything and absolutely love my smile!"

– Jenna M. (age 19)

"Dr. Swelstad did a wonderful job on my daugter Katie's smile. He has totally changed her life."

– Helen

'Dear Dr. Swelstad, Thank you for my wonderful smile. My teeth look great and feel great. I get many compliments on my smile and feel more confident. Thanks again."

– Michael D. (age 15)

'The atmosphere at Dr. Swelstad's office is professional and friendly. I feel my daughter received the best of care by all. Best of all, she now has a beautiful smile that she'll treasure for a lifetime! After seeing my daughter go through her orthodontic care, I decided to do braces. My husband and I are extremely pleased with the progress."

– Betsy T. (age 45)

"After seeing Dr. Swelstad and finding out I needed braces I was kinda bummed. I had really crooked teeth and hated my smile which made me really self-conscious. My time in braces was faster and easier than I expected. After I got them off and looked in the mirror I was amazed by the changes. I felt like a new person and ever since then I can't stop smiling! Thank you Dr. Swelstad and coworkers for my smile and for making me feel like a new person!!!"

– Chelsea L. (age 14)

"I've had nothing but happiness with my teeth since I've gotten my braces from Dr. Swelstad's office! The people in the office are amazing and so kind. I definitely would recommend Dr. Swelstad's office to anyone!"

– Brittany G. (age 15)

"Dr. Swelstad, I wanted to thank you for taking such great care of my step-daughter. I never imagined that you could do so much to improve her self-esteem. She has truly blossomed in a way I never thought possible - thanks to your efforts!"

– Ron M.

"Dr. Swelstad did an excellent job on my teeth. I never thought they would ever look this good!"

– Josh F. (age 15)

"Dr. Swelstad is a true professional in all meanings of the word. He is patient, understanding, team-oriented and driven to high standards! He has a great sense of humor and great appreciation for the small things in life. My treatment was not an easy one, however, Dr. Swelstad found a way to make it possible!"

– Casey D. (age 24)

"Dr. Swelstad, thank you for everything. As an adult, I was very nervous about starting braces. My treatment was fast and the results are wonderful. I will continue to recommend you to my friends and family."

– Beth W. (age 51)

"At age 47, I went to see Dr. Swelstad for braces to straighten my teeth. I was extremely pleased with the quality of care I received and the friendliness of everyone in the office. Before I had braces I suffered from headaches for years. When my braces were removed I was very pleased with my straight teeth. I was also surprised that my headaches were gone!"

– Laurie C. (age 48)